Aaron Braxton

Jesse and the Caterpillar Who Got Its Wings is a heartwarming YA tale of an awkward 5th grader, who experiences love, friendship and heartbreak while using the shape shifting metamorphosis of caterpillars - from earthbound creatures, to graceful winged beauties - as a metaphor for life and discovering his greatness. "The book is so pure," says Hollywood Dir., Tim Chey, "I absolutely LOVED IT!” Bold, funny, insightful, and raw, Jesse and the Caterpillar…is a page turner that explores our inner voices and the crazy things we think about during ordinary conversations. "When there's greatness inside, who says you can't fly!"

Michael David Harrison

Michael David Harrison has always had a passion for writing since childhood.  After working 16 years in the public school system as a teacher, administrator and principal, he has begun a new journey in sharing his love for writing and hopes to inspire young minds toward living out their dreams.
God Made All Things Great is a dream come true for Michael as this is his first children’s picture book. When he is not writing books, he enjoys writing music, traveling and eating out with friends.  A graduate of Morehouse College (B.A.), University of St. Thomas (M.Ed.) and Rice University (MBA), Michael currently lives in Houston, TX with a family of 24 fish.    

Alena Kelley HARRIS

Alena Kelley Harris marks her publishing debut with the release of A Date with God: A Supernatural Visit from the Lord (published by WestBow Press). Through her personal encounter with God, readers witness God’s love and message to his people – to receive him in each one’s life and receive their happily ever after.

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A Date with God narrates Harris’ personal journey with God that she experienced as “He consistently pursued me, to prove His love for me.” She shares how the Lord saw her lost and searching for love in all the wrong places and he came to her rescue. Through his love, kindness and tender mercy, the Lord has drawn Harris into a loving relationship with him that will last forever.

DD Hairston

I’m DD Hairston and I have the privilege to do something that I love doing. I have been an avid reader for as long as I can remember. I started writing poems and short stories to escape reality as a hobby. I had to put the writing to the side and enter the real world, but reading has always been a release. Circumstances have given me a new outlook on life and writing became my outlet again. Having the ability to control what happens in a book, giving them joy, grief or tribulations and watching them overcome the challenge or fail is extremely exhilarating. Each book brings a new adventure, dilemma’s blissful events and new characters to introduce to readers.

Charlyn Kent

Charlyn Kent is a registered nurse with a bachelor's degree in science. Charlyn specializes in psychiatry with a focus on the paranormal. As a child, she suffered from asthma and was presented the opportunity of meeting and playing with beings from other dimensions that only she could see and speak with. She developed the ability to leave an unfinished dream on her pillow andpickit up where she left off. In her twenties, she was introduced to a Nigerian priest from the Yoruba tribe, with whom she studied the mysteries for ten years. Then came Mahikari, which introduced her to Johrei Fellowship, where she progressed to lay minister. She learned meditation from a Buddha from Burma. After the death of her father, she met Kaballah and became A student in the Modern Mystery School.

Michael Kent 

Author of  Nuclear Autumn, A Tale from the Mike Side:
"The Enemy uses a primordial curse coupled with a cosmic plot to vector a wretched disease into modern humanity. He who dwells in the secret place of the Most High shall not fear the terror by night, nor of the pestilence that walks in darkness. But those that do evil welcome the darkness. For their wicked deeds are exposed by the light. Nadia Roman has found a way to blot out the sun. So that her kind may thrive in the twilight. If she has her way they will breed and hunt. Through seemingly serendipitous circumstances the librarian, Gary Landau, and his daughter, Cortney, are cast in the breach between darkness and light. Our planet spins on the brink of destruction. If Nadia has her way mankind will become...cattle."

Nakia Laushaul 

Nakia Laushaul resides in Los Angeles, CA. She is the author of The Truth As I See It: In Poetry & Prose, Chasity Rules, Locked in Purgatory, Running from Solace, a 2011 USA Book News Best Books Award Winner and 2012 Finalist in the Next Generation Indie Book Awards. She has also penned two short stories, After Wednesday and A Husband for Christmas. Nakia is featured in the Writer’s Digest inaugural publication dedicated to self-published authors: 2014 Guide to Self-Publishing.
For more information or to book Nakia R. Laushaul for your book club meeting or other special event, visit her website:

T. M. Morris

T. M. Morris is an award-winning author of her best selling Memoir Mama’s Curse (2016). Gertrude Bellamy-Homicide Detective is the Author’s first novel and the first of a 4 book Detective Crime Series. T.M. is a 33-year law enforcement veteran and retired LAPD Captain, whose vast experience serves as the foundation for this crime series, which is inspired by true LAPD drama and crimes that occurred in the City of Los Angeles. Mama’s Curse and Gertrude Bellamy (Paperback and Kindle versions) are available at Please follow T. M. Morris on Instagram; @AuthorTMMorris; Twitter @CaptainTia and on Facebook @AuthorTMMorris.

Betty Thomas Patterson 

"What's College About Anyway?", written by Betty Thomas Patterson, is a picture book that introduces college to elementary school children. This publication defines college and aspects of college life and also highlights how college can prepare students for different jobs. The book informs children that college is not free. It explains how to pay for college.  Children learn about extra-curricular activities, and that they can study in another country. The book delivers a positive message in an exciting way that encourages students to attend college.

Stephanie D. Singleton 

Stephanie D. Singleton is a children's author of the titled storybook The Adventures of Ryan & Riley and Mr. Teddy the teddy bear. Available in paperback and audio formats on Amazon. It tells the story of two siblings that will soon learn the importance of "Obedience, Consequences, and Reward; whether it be positive or negative. In addition, the storybook has been converted into a narrative stage play which features a life-size Mascot: Mr. Teddy performing the storybook’s catchy theme song "Hey, Mr. Teddy Bear" also written by Stephanie. For more about this title visit:

Christine Taylor-Butler

Christine Taylor-Butler is the award winning author of 80 books for children and young adults. Her publishers include Scholastic, Pearson, and Move Books. A graduate of MIT, she holds degrees in both Civil Engineering and Art & Design. Her young adult series, The Lost Tribes, debuted in March 2015. Kirkus Reviews said of the series: “…a breath of fresh air.…the strong writing, and action will appeal to sci-fi and adventure-story readers alike. A great choice for fans of Rick Riordan and the Artemis Fowl books.” Christine lives in Kansas City, Missouri.

Holly Tomlin

Holly Tomlin is a professional storyteller. As a photographer and writer, Holly connects with ideas, places, people, and stories around the country and in the world. In the current climate of confusion and anger, photography and prose along with the use of technology, has the potential to change the way in which culture and communities are depicted, documented, understood, and celebrated. Like Frederick Douglass, the most photographed American of his time, Holly understands the power and necessity of the image and words to transform perceptions, particularly for black Americans, if to no other than for him/herself.

Kamisha Wells

Kamisha Wells is a  wife, mother, and the author of  No More Pain , Brothers With Autism, The Adventures Of Aaliyah & Friends, Vincent’s World Of Fun

Cordario Worrell

Cordario Worrell aka BODI is a singer, actor, and model originally from Petersburg, VA. BODI is most known for holding titles in the modeling industry such as INTERNATIONAL MODEL OF THE YEAR 2014, MR. COUTURE 2016, and MISTER STAR INTERNATIONAL 2017. Growing up in the small city of Petersburg BODI gained a passion for the arts throughout grade school; his mother always pushed him to be involved in extracurricular activities. He was raised in a single-mothered household being the oldest of three. Even though there were difficult times, the traditions established by his grandmother helped to sustain him. During that period BODI saw a way out of hard times through continuing his education. He attended the University of Maryland Eastern Shore (HBCU) where he received a Bachelor’s Degree in English/Theater Arts. It was there that he was exposed to the art of modeling and also a deeper learning of drama. Upon graduating BODI quickly pursued industry connections in acting/modeling auditioning for local directors and numerous fashion weeks. This venture eventually became a success as BODI performed on prestigious platforms such as DC Fashion Week, New York Fashion Week, VIBE, AVEDA, Lord & Taylor, BET, United Nations, DC Black Theater Festival, and The Washington National Opera (John F. Kennedy Center). BODI used this regional buzz to leverage opportunities in Film and Television. He has appeared on networks TV One, BET, FOX, ID Channel, Paramount Network, and also Netflix. His ultimate goal is to inspire and help the less privileged achieve their dreams through the channels of hard work, integrity, and mentorship. Thank you for your continued support throughout this journey and stay tuned to see BODI on your favorite runways, television shows, and major movies!

Michael ‘DUZAC’ Worrell

Michael ‘DUZAC’ Worrell is a graduate of the University of the Arts located in Philadelphia, PA. Profound in scope The Harmony of Humanity uses the moral aspirations of art, science and spirituality to present a harmonious concept of humanity to confront ethical issues pertinent to humanity as a whole but also to the individual dealing with their purpose in life. It's an expression of how life and nature are intertwined with the cycles of consciousness and the principles of the universe while leading to the wisdom and understanding that raises the spirit of the collective whole to envision paradise on Earth.

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