Stacey Culpepper is a former school librarian and a proud member of Society of Children's Books, Writers and Illustrators (SCBWI).  She holds a certificate from the Institute of Children's Literature and has a degree in Spanish.  She has traveled and lived extensively in Latin America.  Stacey is a community service volunteer mentoring women and girls of diverse backgrounds for over twenty-five years.  Her current titles "Body of Music" and "Priscilla's Homecoming Across the Sea" both showcase Stacey's desire to expose young readers to characters of various backgrounds who overcome major challenges.  Her goal is to continue to write for and about people from various walks of life.

"Priscilla's Homecoming Across The Sea"

"Body of Music"

Anna christian

Anna Christian was born in New York, but has spent most of her adult life in California. Her first book, published in 1999 is titled Meet, Greet It, and Defeat It! the Biography of Frances E. Williams, Actress/Activist.  It was Mrs. Williams's inspiring life and her motto "Just Do It!" which motivated the author to keep this unsung hero's memory alive.  She has since written and published four more books, "Mrs. Griffin is Missing and Other Stories", a Bobby and Sonny Mystery for pre-teens; "The Big Table", a children's picture book; "Daniel's Wife", fiction/contemporary women; and her latest release, "The Newcomer", a new Bobby and Sonny Mystery for pre-teens. 

Gisele haralson

Gisele Haralson has spent her professional career working with community leaders and families to improve the quality of life for children in the state of Louisiana. She is an activist and motivational speaker.  Her work and research has led her to understand the importance of women being financially self-sufficient.  She is the author of More Than Just Sex: It's the Art of the Chase - African American Women Defining Themselves, Black Men, Each Other, Relationships and Secrets to Love and Happiness, and her new release When Money Meets Seduction - Financial Lesson of Women Who Have Connected with Money and Power.

Carolyn S. Davis

Carolyn S. Davis is a graduate in Business Administration, Real Estate Broker Consultant and lending expert, artist and author. Over the past thirty years she has utlized her business and creative skills working for Fortune 500 companies and major banks.  She uses her passion for design to create artworks that educates, promotes peace and harmony in everyday lives.  Projects include: The Founder's Keepsake Anthology which was instrumental in the church attaining City Historical Landmark status, Los Angeles, CA; the 17 x 25 silkscreen print "Communication", the Center Mandala and wooden treasure box which can be purchased at: www.divineartdesigns.com.


Cynthia Young was born and raised in Detroit, Michigan and later moved to California where she resides today.  Young continues to evolve as an author and is currently working on her next book.  "Cynthology - A Collection of Rhymes" and "Cynthology - A Collection of Rhymes Book II Electrified" are Young's second and third books.  She expresses her view on life through original contemporary, relatable,  humorous rhymes with twist, turns and unexpected endings.  

"Memories of a Caregiver" is her first book. She shares her experiences of twelve years as a long distance caregiver for four family members stricken with Alzheimer's disease.

Dewayne Copeland

DeWayne Copeland serves as Senior Director, Film and Publishing for California-based MYTHKEEPER Corporation.  He is the Assistant Editor for the graphic novels "Chaosis, " "Little Big Shot" and "Four Color, Inc" published by MG3,  Inc.

At MYTHKEEPER, DeWayne has written the upcoming science fiction short story "Ja Rel Sunstormer and the Port Controller of Cruzar."   He also co-created and produces the super hero web series "CV Nation" and has produced nine short films - three of which have aired on national television. 

CV Nation


                                                                                                                       Ja Rel Sunstormer and the Armored Legion of the Hu-Ra..New Souls


Hannibal Tabu is a writer, journalist, DJ, poet, and designer  living in south Los Angeles with his wife and two daughters.  He's a winner of the 2012 Top Cow Talent Hunt, writer of Waso: Will to Power for  Stranger Comics.  Artifacts #35 for Image Comics, Fathom Sourcebook and Soul Sourcebook  for Aspen Comics and co-writer (along side 2 Guns writer Steven Grant) of an issue of Watson of Homes for New Paradigm Studios  He has two self published novels, The Crown: Ascension and Faraway, available on all major  online booksellers. His poetry has been published in (SIC) Vice Verse, A Drumming Between US Drumvoices Revue and Voices from Leimert Park. His weekly comic book review column The Buy Pile can be found on Comiccbookresource.com and more information can  be found at his website, www.hannibaltabu.com

L. DEne't stephens

L. Dene't Stephens. author of "The Search for Sunshine" resides in Southern California with her family, and is actively pursuing a career as a Christian Motivational Writer.  She is an Ordained Deaconess, and has served as a Women's Christian Educational Instructor and Coordinator, considering herself a "Lifelong Bible Student."  She is a member of the Association of Independent Authors and has other projects in the works, among them a collection of Poetry. More information on the author can be found at Ldenetstephens.words.com.

APril Mitchell Gatewood

April Mitchell Gatewood is the author of Poetry Book Reflections.  Born  and raised in Los Angeles, California.  Gatewood  has been writing poetry ever since she was a little girl.  Her interest in writing started out as a hobby, but then grew into a life long passion.  Gatewood's goal is to inspire others with her inspirational poems and words of wisdom. 

Poetry Book Reflections is about love, life struggles, and the loss of love ones.  It's about things that people can relate in life. It's about things encountered in life. Completed in six months, Gatewood's first publication has received an honorable mention award at the Los Angeles Book Festival March 2014. This is her second appearance at the Leimert Park Village Book Fair.  For more information on the author, visit: www.amgtheauthor.com  "Poetry frees my mind, it's a good form of expression, and this Poetry Book Reflections is a dream come true for me, " says Mitchell.

SYLVia W. Allen

Sylvia W. Allen is an Executive Producer who’s the Owner and Ceo of Sylvideo Productions, LLC.-the Future, located in Los Angeles, CA. She was born and raised in Baltimore, MD. and has several accomplishments since launching her company in 2010. She wrote and produced an Indie Award of Merit, short film “I Want A Man.” She was nominated in 2013 by the Los Angeles Business Journal for “Women Making a Difference,” award. Her latest project “Witness of Love,” was written as a script and adapted into this great piece of literature. For  more information logon to www.IMDb.com/SylviaAllen

PAmela Samuels Young

When attorney and author Pamela Samuels Young isn’t practicing law, you can usually find her penning her next legal thriller. Described by one reviewer as “John Grisham with a sister’s twist,” Pamela is an award-winning author of six legal thrillers.
Her debut novel, Every Reasonable Doubt (2006), won the Black Expressions magazine’s Fiction Writing Contest, received an honorable mention in the SEAK Legal Fiction Writing Competition and was a finalist for USA Book News’ Best Books of 2006 award in the mystery, suspense and thriller category. Her second novel, In Firm Pursuit (2007), was honored by Romantic Times magazine as a finalist for Best African-American Novel of 2007. Murder on the Down Low (2008), Pamela’s third release, was an “Editor’s Pick” by Black Expressions magazine and a finalist for the 2009 African-American Literary Awards in the fiction category. The Black Caucus of the American Library Association honored Pamela’s next novel, Buying Time (2009), with its 2010 Fiction Award, calling the book “a captivating, suspenseful thriller.” Attorney-Client Privilege (2012) was a finalist for USA Book News’ Best Books of 2014 award in the multi-cultural fiction category. Her seventh legal thriller, Lawful Deception, goes on sale in August 2015.

ReginalD Grant

Reginald Grant, MSEd is an author and speaker on culturally inclusive curriculum.  The author of "A Teacher's View, Education in America."  His wife T.L. Owens is the author of "Take Note" a new book on business success.  His daughter wrote her first book this year "Wishes" a fictional account of an 11 year old. Nine year old Naomi, penned "My Mom's An Octopus", released this year.  His oldest daughter Tinicka designed her mom's and Rachel's book covers. She is an animation specialist and graphic artist.  He is also a former New York Jet & Ottawa Rough Rider, CFL.

Website:  www.rGrant.com

                                                                                Blog:       www.ateachersview.wix.com/ateachers-view

                                                                                A Teacher's View. Education in America:

​Lorita Childress 

​Lorita Kelsey Childress’ first novel The Turning Point of Lila Louise was published in May 2010. In December 2012 she published her first children's book titled; Grandma, how do you know God is real? Her work is featured in Gumbo for the Soul: The Recipe for Literacy in the Black Community, Gumbo for the Soul: Women of Honor Special Pink Edition, Gumbo for the Soul: 10th Anniversary Celebration – Collector’s Edition, Suspect: A Confessional Anthology and Deadly Sins: A Political Anthology. Her poem, Our History is Rich was featured in the January/March 2010 edition of Kontagious Magazine. Her second novel, Shattered, Broken and Reborn was released in February 2015. Lorita is the Advisory Board President of Girl Talk with Prophetess Nia Walker and is a member of, Sistahs on the Reading Edge book club.

​Jackie Walter

​"Who Am I: Exploring My Blackness" is a brief but powerful novel that not only educates on the history that is us, but while searching who she is, Jackie Walter covers many of the things we think about but don't want to say out loud.  Some are the things we talk about among ourselves when we want to be honest with ourselves and some are the things we need to know, but have now idea. "Teach our children the roles we've played and all our rhymes and rhythms, teach our children that exploring their blackness is not a sign of racism."

​Michael Bennett

Michael Bennett's first book, “My Journey As America’s Whitest Black Kid” is a compelling memoir where he examines his life as a military brat in juxtaposition against the ugliness of America's original sin. In a racially polarized country, belonging is a matter of survival but Michael suffered the ultimate identity crisis. Who was he? Where did he belong? His ignorance of all things black and white proved his undoing leading to a period of homelessness.

The story begins in Spain during the height of the Civil Rights Movement, where Michael is so far removed from the struggle, he thought himself more Spanish than a black American. He eventually migrates to a junior high school in the Deep South suffering through the first year of “forced busing” in the name of desegregation. That was followed by graduation from a Colorado high school with him as the only black male in his senior class. Those disparate circumstances left Michael ostracized and alone...

​Kim Hamer

​"What do you do you do for or say to a friend, co-worker or loved one who has cancer, is dealing with loss or is in crisis? How can you be the most helpful? How do you know if what you do is helpful?  100 Acts of Love: A Girlfriend's Guide to Loving Your Friend through Cancer or Loss offers the reader practical, simply and useful ways you can support your girlfriend (or guyfriend) in crisis. Take the worry out of offering her help.  Show up, do something you know will be supportive. Be the girlfriend she needs you to be."
FB: Facebook.com/100ActsofLove
Twitter:  Twitter.com/100ActsofLove
Pinterest:  www.pinterest.com/100Acts
Instagram: 100ActsofLove

​Dr. Chris L. Hickey, Sr.

​"Using information from face-to-face interviews, personal accounts, and questionnaires, Dr. Chris L. Hickey Sr. reveals the qualities that make a man truly admirable—whether as fathers, friends, husbands, brothers, or grandfathers. Name a man that you admire in your life. Maybe it’s a hard-working father, a loving husband, or a family friend. But admired men aren’t simply born that way. They’re crafted from a set of traits and values that motivate others to look up to them—behaviors and characteristics that facilitate leadership skills and draw admiration from their peers and loved ones."

​Kathleen Bradley

​Author, actress, singer, model Kathleen Bradley, made television history from 1990 to 2000 as the first African American model to join ranks as one of Barker’s Beauties on the multi Emmy Award winning game show The Price is Right. Her gritty tell-all book, Backstage at The Price is Right: Memoirs of a Barker Beauty is a racy, jaw-dropping, firsthand account of the often salacious and always fascinating behind-the-scenes drama surrounding the number one game show in television history. She also portrayed the most memorable character in the hit feature film, “Friday” as Mrs. Parker. More info at:  www.KathleenBradley.tv

Chantal S. Grayson 

Love at First Sight: Positive Affirmations for Young Girls of Color is a heartfelt glimpse of the author, Chantal Grayson’s racially biased adolescence and how she used daily affirmations and an education to develop into a well-rounded self-aware woman of color.

Chantal S. Grayson has a BA in Linguistics and an MA in Education with an emphasis on technology. She is a broker by day but an entrepreneur, youth advocate, and author by divine calling.

The bullying epidemic is often talked about in a peer-to-peer context (cyber in school, or clubs) bullying is also an internal struggle many young girls face ever day as they develop and start to define who they are. Chantal wrote this affirmation book because, through her charitable endeavors, she witnessed young girls of color being their own worst bully. Their self-hate left an eerie feeling in her soul. So as a call to action, this book inspires and encourages girls everywhere to affirm their inner and outer beauty and share a message of love.