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2018 Author Application

Michael Kent 

Author of  Nuclear Autumn, A Tale from the Mike Side:
"The Enemy uses a primordial curse coupled with a cosmic plot to vector a wretched disease into modern humanity. He who dwells in the secret place of the Most High shall not fear the terror by night, nor of the pestilence that walks in darkness. But those that do evil welcome the darkness. For their wicked deeds are exposed by the light. Nadia Roman has found a way to blot out the sun. So that her kind may thrive in the twilight. If she has her way they will breed and hunt. Through seemingly serendipitous circumstances the librarian, Gary Landau, and his daughter, Cortney, are cast in the breach between darkness and light. Our planet spins on the brink of destruction. If Nadia has her way mankind will become...cattle."

​Holly Tomlin

​Author of Poetic Lenz – A Storyteller’s Bi-Annual for Photographers and Writers” Art & Dance theme, Volume 2​, a celebration of black excellence. In a series of photo essays centered around the story of a production that uniquely depicts tradition and culture, readers are invited to immerse themselves in the passion of a fine arts photographer, the journey of a dancer turned filmmaker, the nostalgia of breakdancing, and the aspirations of a young ballet dancer. Holly Tomlin, photographer-writer, encourage enthusiasts to embrace history and community to exchange cultural experiences in unique ways that create more opportunities for dialogue, education, and community service. 

Cordario Worrell

Cordario Worrell aka BODI is a singer, actor, and model originally from Petersburg, VA. BODI is most known for holding titles in the modeling industry such as INTERNATIONAL MODEL OF THE YEAR 2014, MR. COUTURE 2016, and MISTER STAR INTERNATIONAL 2017. Growing up in the small city of Petersburg BODI gained a passion for the arts throughout grade school; his mother always pushed him to be involved in extracurricular activities. He was raised in a single-mothered household being the oldest of three. Even though there were difficult times, the traditions established by his grandmother helped to sustain him. During that period BODI saw a way out of hard times through continuing his education. He attended the University of Maryland Eastern Shore (HBCU) where he received a Bachelor’s Degree in English/Theater Arts. It was there that he was exposed to the art of modeling and also a deeper learning of drama. Upon graduating BODI quickly pursued industry connections in acting/modeling auditioning for local directors and numerous fashion weeks. This venture eventually became a success as BODI performed on prestigious platforms such as DC Fashion Week, New York Fashion Week, VIBE, AVEDA, Lord & Taylor, BET, United Nations, DC Black Theater Festival, and The Washington National Opera (John F. Kennedy Center). BODI used this regional buzz to leverage opportunities in Film and Television. He has appeared on networks TV One, BET, FOX, ID Channel, Paramount Network, and also Netflix. His ultimate goal is to inspire and help the less privileged achieve their dreams through the channels of hard work, integrity, and mentorship. Thank you for your continued support throughout this journey and stay tuned to see BODI on your favorite runways, television shows, and major movies!

Michael ‘DUZAC’ Worrell

Michael ‘DUZAC’ Worrell is a graduate of the University of the Arts located in Philadelphia, PA. Profound in scope The Harmony of Humanity uses the moral aspirations of art, science and spirituality to present a harmonious concept of humanity to confront ethical issues pertinent to humanity as a whole but also to the individual dealing with their purpose in life. It's an expression of how life and nature are intertwined with the cycles of consciousness and the principles of the universe while leading to the wisdom and understanding that raises the spirit of the collective whole to envision paradise on Earth.

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