Award Winners

FICTION (501):

Author:  Chinelo Okparanta  
Book:  Under the Udala Tree            
Publisher:  Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
Author:  Cathleen Schine
Book:  They May Not Mean To, But They Do
Publisher:  Sarah Crichton Books  Farrar, Straus and Giroux
Author:  Mary Monroe
Book:  Bad Blood
Publisher: Dafina Kensington Publishing Corp.

Non-Fiction (502)
Author:  Christopher Signil
Book:  Taking Matters Into Our Own Hands
Publisher:  Persuasive Publishing
Author:  Ezekiel J. Walker
Book:  Black As I Wanna Be
Publisher:  Self-Published
Author:  S. Pearl Sharp
Book:  The Evening News Essays And Commentaries From NPR And Other Clouds
Publisher:  Poets Pay Rent Too
Author:   Sikivu  Hutchinson
Book:      White Nights, Black Paradise
Publisher: Infidel Books

First-Fiction (503)
Author:  Tracy Chiles McGhee
Book:  Melting The Blues
Publishing: Gold Fern Press
Author:  Tomeekha Pitre
Book:  Earth’s Quiet Chaos
Publisher:  Black Cotton Publishing
Author:  Zaire Crown
Book:  Games Women Play
Publisher: Dafina Kensington Publishing Corp.
Poetry (504)
Author: Precious Won
Book: Emotion SuperMarket
Publisher:  Palm Publishing
Author: Curtis L. Crisler
Publisher:  Cherry Castle
Young Adult/Children (505)
Author:  K.N. Smith
Book: The URBANBOYS Discovery of the Five Senses
Publisher: Two Petals Publishing
Author:  Stacey Culpepper
Book: Priscilla’s Homecoming Across The Sea
Publisher:  Diverse Culpepper Books
Author:  Ni-Ni Simone
Book:  Down by Law
Publisher:  DaFina Kensington Publishing Corp.
Author:    Linda Fleming-Willis
Book:      Poppa’s Ring
Publisher:  Book Locker