​Dr. Vickie Y. Mabry-Height: In White Coat Secrets, Dr. Mabry-Height shares the incredible story.  From the Jim Crow cotton fields of Greenville, North Carolina to the ghettos of Brooklyn, New York she highlights the painful challenges that marked her path.  Exposed are the untold secrets of hidden opportunities as well as pervasive racism, sexism, health disparities and injustices that still plague the medical field today. This book is part personal memoir  as well as a look at the realities of more than thirty years of a healthcare career.The wisdom and life lessons learned are inspiring and invaluable.  Be empowered by a “real” account from a perspective rarely shared.
Maurice Williams: Baltimore native Maurice T. Williams is a U.S. Army veteran and a proud HBCU graduate of Texas Southern University who enjoys the art of storytelling. When not authoring children’s books and crafting original screenplays in his Los Angeles home, Mr. Williams assists other writers with turning their dreams into a reality through his publishing company Butterscotch Memoirs, LLC. www.butterscotchmemoirs.com
Rev. Greta Sesheta: 
Eloise Law: The Healing Shower was written by the legendary Jazz, Blues and R & B Singer/Songwriter Eloise Laws. Laws has adorned the world with her recognizable melodic voice for over four decades. She has performed throughout the world as a solo vocalist and has accompanied some of the world’s greatest artists and musicians. Eloise is a member of the musical Laws family . . . a clan of musical geniuses whose last name is synonymous to ‘Beautiful Music’.  The Healing Shower was inspired by a medical diagnosis that would forever change the singer's life. A Healing Shower is similar to how we celebrate life's milestones - weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, and baby showers. The difference is that instead of wedding gifts, birthday presents and so on, guests arrive prepared to help the loved one with a deed(s), such as: taking the loved one to regular doctor's appointments, doing the laundry on a weekly basis, preparing meals three to four times a week, and many other tasks your loved one will need during this difficult time. 
Judy Juanita: 
Johnnie F. Kirvin: What was it like to be a young black man, trying to survive and earn a living under Jim Crow segregation laws? Journey back in time with “Hey boy! Hey George!” The Pullman Porter by Johnnie F. Kirvin.  Some viewed pullman porters as prestigious breadwinners, while others viewed them merely as glorified servants. Kirvin was one of the few surviving pullman porters until he made his transition last year at the golden age of 101.  His Memoir chronicles his often captivating experiences as a pullman porter during WWII.  
Maxx Alexis:
Sandra Campbell-Notice:
Danielle "Ms. Hitch" Metcalf:
Vanessa Orr Francis: The women of the Ghee family have endured for five generations in a small rural southern town.  From slavery to the mid-1970s the women have lived through Klan atrocities, World War I, the Great Depression and the murder of innocents.  But only one incident follows them throughout time itself.  Read Make You A Woman to see the women finally break free from secrets, shame and silence!     
Rayvon Walker:
Nyeesha Williams: At 24 years old, after finding out my mother was on drugs, realizing my father would never be consistent in my life and accepting the fact that I was now a single parent; I opened up a 501c3 non-profit organization, named Sacrit Devahood Incorporation. SDI, started in the middle of my living room with one young girl and it has now grown and expanded to Kampala, Uganda. Sacrit Devahood Incorporation empowers young girls ages 11-19 through performing arts, social building skills and international connections. Six years into trials, tribulations, speeches, traveling and personal overcoming: I decided to finally take the time to truly ‘know thyself’. I noticed that I was setting expectations for my young girls (organization and daughters), but barely setting any for myself. I felt it was time to truly love me. Loving me included: loving what I hated about myself and loving the person within me that I was hiding from. By beginning this process, I eventually began to love the ones that hurt me and the book "Herstorys- Her history told through the eyes of her true self" was written. www.nyeeshawilliams.com
MG Hardie:
Tomeekha Pitre: Tomeekha is a successful business professional and a zealot for multi-media art and community advocacy for artists. She has curated and represented emerging visual artists, produced theatre productions, and spearheads HUEMANITEE, Inc., a non-profit that focuses on visual, performing, and literary art education and its ability to heal the mind, body and soul. Tomeekha is the co-owner of Black Cotton, LLC where she is Publisher of literary projects for the Black Cotton Publishing division. Tomeekha resides in Los Angeles, CA.  www.tomeekhapitre.com
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Konya Lindsey: 
Sakina Ibrahim: 
W.B. Garvey: W. B. Garvey, a relative of the Jamaican National Hero, Marcus Garvey, is the author of the historical novels Panama Fever: Digging Down Gold Mountain and White Gold about the men and women who left their Caribbean islands to work, and in many cases die, on the Panama Canal. Garvey’s next novel is about a young Jamaican couple, from their early struggles as immigrants in the U.S. to their growing success in Los Angeles, interwoven with the memories of their 9-year-old son as they drive cross-country amid the tensions preceding the 1964 Civil Rights Act, to return to Jamaica.
Chris L. Hickey: Name a man that you admire in your life. Maybe it’s a hard-working father, a loving husband, or a family friend. But admired men aren’t simply born that way. Inspired by the admirable men he has encountered in his own life, Dr. Chris L. Hickey Sr. set out to discover the specific qualities that cause a man to be respected, through thousands of questionnaires, personal surveys, and interviews. And, the results were overwhelming, showing clear trends in the characteristics of those men—a collection of behaviors that create near-universal admiration among family, friends, students, and colleagues.
​Stacey Culpepper: Stacey was born in Los Angeles, California and has lived in Indiana, New York, and the country of Panama. Living in these diverse environments helped shape her attraction to cultural diversity. She is a former school librarian and loved watching children become engrossed in story time!  Her expressive outlet has been writing since the age of seven, but she has recently ventured into publishing her works publicly.  Stacey sees the need for more diversity in children's books, illustrators, and authors.  She believes that when children see themselves positively mirrored in stories, it enhances their reading experience and is a confidence booster.  She is grateful to have a supportive village made up of her family, close friends, and fellow writers. 
​Bethanee Epifani: ​Motivational Speaker. Spoken Word Artist. Author of My Quarter of a Century Life Lessons...Building a Foundation for Success.www.bepifanispeaks.com
​L. Dene't  Stephens: ​L. Dene't  Stephens resides in Southern California with her family, and aspires to be known as a Christian Motivational Writer.   As an Ordained Deaconess, she has served as a Women's Christian Educational Instructor and Coordinator, considering herself a Lifelong Bible Student.   She is a Member of the Association of Independent Authors with other projects in the works, including a collection of Poetry.  The Search for Sunshine is the poignant tale of three fragmented lives as told through the eyes of a child.  Sunshine’s need to protect her brothers becomes the catalyst for her own will to survive. ldenetstephensauthor.wordpress.com


Cynthia Young was born and raised in Detroit, Michigan and later moved to California where she resides today.  Young continues to evolve as an author and is currently working on her next book.  Cynthology - A Collection of Rhymes and Cynthology - A Collection of Rhymes Book II Electrified are Young's second and third books.  She expresses her view on life through original contemporary, relatable, humorous rhymes with twist, turns and unexpected endings.  

Memories of a Caregiver is her first book. She shares her experiences of twelve years as a long distance caregiver for four family members stricken with Alzheimer's disease.
Judy Juanita: