vintage 80's car exhibit
​​Curated by Petersen Automotive Museum

​Vintage 80's Toy Exhibit - LPVBF

​Curated by Gracie Leonard and Rhudean Thompson, III

​Vintage Typewriter Exhibit: LPVBF 

Title of Exhibit: "Writers and Their Typewriters" 
Special Presentation: Ernest Hemingway’s typewriter from the Los Angeles
Police Commission President, Steve Soboroff Collection

​80s Album Cover Exhibit - Amoeba Records 

​Title of Exhibit: “80s Vinyls we Love!”
Curated by Amoeba Records – Hollywood 

​Pioneers of Hip Hop Photo Exhibition - Cornell University 

​Title of Exhibit: “Hip Hop Nation: Roots, Rhymes and Rage”
Curated by Cornell University - Hip Hop Collection & LPVBF 

​BLack to the 80s:  Popular Hairstyles and Hair Cuts from the 80s

​Special Programming | Film Screenings 

​•         “The Angry Voices of Watts” (1965) NBC News Special Documentary Screening  
​•          “The Color Purple” Film Screening and Reception co-hosts: PAFF, Writers
             Guild of America - west | Committee of Black Writers
•           Inaugural Mini Children’s Film Fest @ LPVBF
             presented by International Children’s Film Festival
•           Festival After Dark: Black Classic 80’s Films: “Krushgroove”  &  “Wild Style”